16bit Sensation: Another Layer

16bit Sensation: Another Layer
Título Alternativo
Inglês: 16bit Sensation: Another Layer
Japonês: 16bitセンセーション ANOTHER LAYER

Tipo: TV
Episódios: 13
Status: Exibição Finalizada
Exibição: 5 Outubro 2023 até 28 Dezembro 2023
Temporada: Outono 2023
Transmissão: Sextas às 06:30 (BRT)
Produção: Aniplex, Tokyo MX, BS11, Contents Seed
Estúdio: Silver
Origem: Web manga
Gênero: Comédia, Sci-Fi, Sobrenatural
Duração: 23 min. por ep.
Classificação: 12 anos

Nota: 6.9

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Konoha Akisato's passion for bishoujo games, which revolve around engaging with attractive female characters, has fueled her dream of becoming a renowned artist. Landing her initial role as a junior illustrator at Blue Bell, a game development company, Konoha faces the bitter truth about the industry she adores. By 2023, the market for bishoujo games is saturated with low-quality, unoriginal titles, and Blue Bell is significantly contributing to this decline.

An encounter with an old-fashioned game shop, where Konoha reminisces over the remarkable games from earlier times, unexpectedly transports her back to 1992—a period when the bishoujo game sector was just starting to bloom. Initially struggling to come to terms with her situation, Konoha eventually finds a place at Alcohol Soft, a burgeoning game developer that offers her a position as an illustrator. Despite her confidence that her futuristic skills will lead to success, she quickly realizes the technology and art styles of the time are vastly different, and she must adapt quickly to achieve her ambitions.
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Adaptação:16bit Sensation